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In lights of the ongoing progress in preparing the implementation of the new European patent system, the 3rd edition of our annual UP&UPC 2015 conference will focus on discussing and revealing some interesting news and provide an update on the main unitary patent and court hot topics.

Agreement on consultation document for the court fees and the recoverable costs; Agreement on the text on the Rules of the Patent Litigation Certificate; successful completion of the first two modules for the Training of the judges. Next Meeting will be Held on 10th July 2015.

The ECJ dismisses Spain's Actions against the EU regulations on the unitary patent protection.




On the international Forum for illicit acts according to Art. 93 para. 5 CTMR and Art. 5 No. 3 Brussels I Regulation (decision available in German, only).

On the question under which conditions the presentation of image contents may be considered to solve a technical problem with technical means (decision available in German, only).

On a request of the claimant in patent nullity proceedings to postpone the oral hearing due to a limiting amendment of the patent claim, which is delayed, but excused (decision available in German, only).

On the use of a trademark in a right-preserving way in case the used trademark differs from the registered trademark (decision available in German, only).

On the nullity of a patent the claim of which comprises a feature that was not disclosed as belonging to the invention in the documents originally filed and that results in a limitation of the subject matter and not in an aliud (decision available in German, only).

The presentation of a product on an international specialist trade fair cannot necessarily be considered as offering of the product (sec. 4 no. 9 a, b German Act against Unfair Competition (UWG)) (decision available in German, only).

On the use of a colour as a Trademark; on the question whether the relevant public perceives the use of a colour as badge of origin and on the question of acquired distinctiveness (decision available in German, only).