In lights of the ongoing progress in preparing the implementation of the new European patent system, the 3rd edition of our annual UP&UPC 2015 conference will focus on discussing and revealing some interesting news and provide an update on the main unitary patent and court hot topics.

The second UPC Mock Trial organised by the UJUB (Union pour la Juridiction Unifiée des Brevets).

Mock trial


before the Unified Patent Court (Central division, Paris seat) on 2 April 2015.




On the definition of the technical problem that is subject to an invention (decision available in German, only).

On the requirement to base the assessment of patent infringement with equivalent means on the sum of all effects of the features of a patent claim, as well as on the question whether good faith may be argued by an infringer who is not aware of the defectiveness of the translation of a patent (decision available in German, only).

On the question under which circumstances the advantages of an invention cannot define the underlying technical problem (decision available in German, only).

On Art. 28 para. 5 Introductory Law to the German Civil Code (EGBGB) and on the meaning of sec. 31 para 5 Copyright Act in the context of Art. 34 EGBGB (deicision available in German, only).

On the function of names of monasteries as badge of origin (decision available in German, only).

On the admissibility of narrowing a patent claim by introducing features of an example (decision available in German, only).

On sec. 4 no. 11 German Act against Unfair Competition in conjunction with the Rules of Professional Practice of the medical association of the federal state Baden-Württemberg (decision available in German, only).